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[Re]New… From the Inside Out


By now, I would guess that most of us know the importance of having physical exercise regimens of some kind to choose from for our weekly rituals to keep the body energized, strong and flexible. Additionally, it is imperative we make healthy choices with our foods and practice moderation when we decide to ‘splurge.’ And just as necessary is to understand that what we put ON our body can have as significant an impact as what we put IN our body.

Our epidermis (skin) is the largest organ of the body. What we put on our skin has a large effect on long term health and a balanced system. So, becoming mindful of what personal care products we use on a daily basis (i.e. hair products, body lotions and soaps, cosmetics, and even household cleaners) is just as important as the foods we are ingesting each day. Why, you may ask? Because the majority of these products include harsh chemicals linked to cancer, as well as those acting an “endocrine disrupters” (i.e. disrupts fertility and hormonal balance) in both men and women. Many of the big culprits to avoid include:

1) Parabens
2) Sulfates
3) Phthalates
4) Artificial Fragrances
5) BPA (Bisphenol-A) as well as its counterpart and now substitute in many cases BPS (Bisphenol-S)

BPA and BPS are usually found in the packaging of foods, personal care product containers and just about anything made of plastic, including baby toys and such. Although there have been strides made to create “BPA-free” products, many of those products use BPS in place of BPA. In general, it’s best to choose products packaged in glass over plastic, for example.

Unfortunately, we can’t trust the product by just reading the front label. Labels on these products can say “Natural” and “Organic“, but that doesn’t mean the product is free from toxins. Learning to read the ingredient list on labels is a key factor in making educated choices in the products you purchase.

To check the toxicity levels in the products you use, get more education overall and receive updates on the latest regarding environmental and food news, explore these fantastic resources:

When you are looking to buy cleaner personal care products, but may be in a rush and don’t have time to visit your local natural market (i.e. Whole Foods, Erewhon, etc.), visit the baby product aisle in your locale CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreen’s. They tend to have ‘cleaner’ products for babies – and great quality products at that! But, unfortunately, you still have to read these labels very carefully, even in the baby section.