Welcome! My name is Wendy Obstler. I am a certified yoga therapist, 500+ hour registered yoga teacher, an Ambassador for Strong Yoga®4Women, Co-founder of Living Lēla (home to Soulful Conceptions™, the Complete Mind-Body Fertility Program) and the founder of Divine Spark Yoga. I am also a proud member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and Yoga Alliance.

What I believe as a deep truth is that yoga heals. And not just the science of yoga (although it has proven again and again its powerful therapeutic properties), but the awareness and self-study that a yoga practice elicits. With the ‘yoga boom’ that has occurred in the West in the last decade, much of the focus of yoga tends to lean only on the asanas (physical postures). But yoga is an eight-limb path. A path that, in itself, takes time to decipher, discover and explore for any given individual willing to make the journey.

I am dedicated to the ideal that yoga is accessible for every body type at any stage in one’s life and any individual who is open to its infinite possibilities. Whether I am teaching yoga therapy, pre-natal yoga, fertility yoga, yoga for beginners or good old make-you-sweat yoga, my approach and intention to teaching is to make it always accessible and suited to fit the individual’s needs.

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